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What is PMS Mobilizer®

The major office engineering tasks of a construction project* are, preparation of (1) Shop drawings by draughtsmen (2) Calculation of the entire project quantity take-off by quantity surveyors and (3) preparation of baseline schedule of activities by planning engineers. A time frame of One to three months are required to complete these tasks depends on the complexity and size of the project. Careful examination on contract drawings is required while preparing the above, otherwise will lead to incorrect shop drawings, wrong quantities and unpractical schedule of activities which will ultimately alarm at site during execution and thus makes the project management, a disaster. At the same time, time required to prepare these are critical, which will result the delay of beginning of various construction activities at site. PMS Mobilizer® is a software system to generate shop drawings, to calculate quantity take-off and to prepare baseline schedule of activities from the contract drawings. Before delivering the results, PMS Mobilizer® will do a clash analysis to detect the clashes of crossing utility lines

Major Sections of PMS Mobilizer®

Understand PMS Mobilizer® requirements

* PMS Mobilizer® is applicable only for infrastructure projects (Roads & Utilities)

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