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Roads & Utilities Solution

Quantity Take-Off

PMS Mobilizer® will enable Quantity Surveyors to calculate the entire project quantity take-off on a single click. These quantities have been calculated from the 3D database of the project generated from the contract drawing input.

Sector wise quantities

Another challenge for the Quantity Surveyors is the sector wise breakup of quantities. A project will be sub divided into a number of sectors for planning and execution on priority basis. PMS Mobilizer® will calculate sector wise quantities automatically based on a planning boundary layout file.

Item wise breakup

Quantities will be categorised under different utilities and roads with sub items. The major breakups are:


  • Sub base
  • wet mix
  • base course
  • wearing course
  • guard rail
  • road marking
  • concrete barrir
  • road sings,..


  • Manhole
  • Gully
  • Pipe
  • Excavation
  • ...


  • Manhole
  • Chamber
  • Future connection
  • Pipe
  • Excavation ...

Out File Format

PMS Mobilizer® has a customisable Microsoft Excel file output. This can be used as it is or to import into other systems for further use. Excel sheet consists different sheets for different utilities and roads. The first sheet is the summary sheet where the entire project quantities are summarised.

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