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Making a utility profile drawing in PMS Mobilizer® is only a single click away. You need to create a custom line before doing this operation.

What is a custom line:

Custom line is a utility line defined by the user for the sake of understanding a portion or a line of utility, usually these lines will be considered for making profile drawing. For example, consider a drainage network in a project with 65 manholes. If manhole number MH1 to MH10 are along a particular road can be considered as a custom line with a name Drainage Line-1 with starting manhole MH1 and ending manhole MH10. In PMS Mobilizer® you need to specify only the name of the line with starting manhole name and ending manhole name, the system will analyse for the manholes in between the ending manholes.

How to make profile drawings:

Step 1. Select a utility form the project utility tree-view.

Step 2. Expand to show custom lines.

Step 3. Right click on a desired custom line to show sub menu.

Step 4. Select menu option to draw profile.Profile drawing will be created in AutoCAD(refer picture)

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