Step By Step Guide for SQL Server 2008 R2 Express Edition Installation

Below are the steps to install SQL Server Express.

1. Download SQL Server Express from: Microsoft
Select 32bit or 64 bit as per your operating system.
Or download directly: For 32bit Windows Operating System click here. For 64bit Windows Operating System click here.
Launch the package, you will then see the contents extracted to a temporary location.

Note: The instance name and password configured in this section will be used in PMS Mobilizer, therefore don't forget to note down the instance name(step6) and password(step 8).

2. SQL Server Setup checks to determine pre-reqs are installed. If not, you will be prompted to install.

3. The Installation Center will then launch. Click on “New installation or add feature to an existing installation” to start the Installation Wizard.

4. Accept the license terms.

5. Review the features to installed and where SQL Server will be installed. (Check all and click Next)

6. Review the Instance Name and change if necessary.(Note down the instance name)

7. Review the credentials that will be used for the services that will be created.(Click Next)

8. Select Mixed Mode, type password, confirm password and click Next.

9. Review the Error Reporting settings. (Click Next)

10. SQL Server Express installation finished.

PMS Mobilizer Database Configuration.

After the above steps, you have to do the following in PMS Mobilizer.
1. Run PMS Mobilizer. (If PMS Mobilizer is not installed, get the software from here and install)
2. Login with your username/password.(Use New User to create a user account)
3. If the database connection failed, Database Configuration window will be displayed.
4. Server: Enter the instance name specified in the step 6 of SQL Server Express installation.
5. Password: Enter the password specified in the step 8 of SQL Server Express installation.
6. Click on Configure Database.
7. You will receive successful message, if the database connection is successful. Then restart PMS Mobilizer.