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Roads & Utilities Solution

Shop Drawing Production

PMS Mobilizer® enables draughtsman to make shop drawings much faster and easier than ever before. Design levels and Original Ground Levels are calculated and plotted automatically in shop drawings. Since the data is stored and managed in a single point, the drawings will be consistent with the design parameters and will be free of human errors.

Clash Detection

One of the challenges in the utility design is to find possible clashes of crossing utilities. Lack of careful attention during shop drawing preparation will lead uncertainty during construction. PMS Mobilizer® will analyse each utility network with other services and to alert possible clashes on the screen before making the shop drawings.

Utility Profiles

PMS Mobilizer® will generate utility profiles completely with control on visibility of various design parameters. Utility profile drawings will be generated along with other utilities which cross the line.

Batch Drawing Production

Once a project is completely ready in PMS Mobilizer®, the software will enable draughtsman to create all shop drawings in a few minutes. In the conventional method, this operation will take a number of weeks.

Earthwork Drawings

Cut-fill section drawings across roads at a specified interval will be created with cutting and filling quantities. Similarly excavation quantities with drawings can be generated in PMS Mobilizer® for different utility lines based on section of the trench.

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