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Roads & Utilities Solution

1.Improved QUALITY

Calculations are based on contract drawing elements with a set of predefined rules and thus free from manual errors. Quality of the output is assured as per the contract drawings in terms of reliability and accuracy.

2.Highest SPEED of delivery

PMS Mobilizer® will prepare shop drawings more than 10 times faster than conventional method. Once a project is ready after processing contract drawings in the PMS Mobilizer® input engine, the entire project quantity take-off in Microsoft Excel is only a single click away. A planning area boundary file in CAD format will analyze the project according to the planning area and will generate Primavera compatible file to get the baseline schedule of activities in the Primavera software. The schedule consists of area wise activities with resources and relationships.

3.CONSISTENCY between deliverables

PMS Mobilizer® will generate 3D database from the contract drawings. This 3D data is used to perform clash analysis, to produce shop drawings, to calculate quantities and to prepare baseline schedule of activities. Since, these items are produced from a single data point, 100% consistency is assured between drawings, quantities and schedule. Whenever there is a change in an item, the effect will reflected everywhere.

Department wise benefits:

CAD Benefits ( Draughtsman / Office Engineer / Design Engineer / CAD Manager) Learn More...

  • Automation in shop drawing production
  • Calculation of OGL and design levels
  • Earthwork calculations and drawings
  • Detection of clashes between utility lines

QS Benefits (Quantity Surveyor / Contracts Engineer / Contracts Manager) Learn More...

  • Entire project quantity take-off on a single click
  • Sector wise quantity calculations
  • Sub item wise break up of quantities
  • Microsoft Excel format

Planning Benefits (Planning Engineer / Planning Manager) Learn More...

  • Baseline schedule of activities on a single click
  • Sector wise activities
  • Planning preference on areas, roads and utilities
  • Inter relationships of areas, roads and utilities
  • Fully resource loaded activities
  • Activities with quantities and units

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