Simulate your project in 3D, based on tender programme or baseline schedule.

We undertake simulation of construction projects based on tender programme or baseline schedule with exciting output.

Output 1: Construction simulation video

With the detailed drawings
(plan, sections and elevations)
of your project
and tender programme
detailed baseline activity schedule,
we provide you simulated video
to show scheduled weekly progress
from selected angle
as shown on the sample picture.

Output 2: Weekly progress images

Series of scheduled progress images in JPG format to use in project presentation reports or PowerPoint presentations. These images are available monthly, weekly or even daily progress pictures starting from the project start date to the scheduled finish date.

Use the simulated pictures on your presentations

Print on the project presentation reports

Output 3: Presentation Software

Optional presenter software is also provided upon customer need to present your project much more professionally than ever before.

You have option to select project,viewing angle and desired week.

This software will allows you to save picture and thus to use in your reports or PowerPoint presentation.

Software screenshot

Special Effects: This presentation includes camera movements, activity creations and special effects as shown on the sample below

Sample video: Simulation of foundation

More Samples

Bridge Construction

Play Video
Foundation Simulation

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Sample Presentation

Play Video
Ramp Construction

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How can you get it done?

We accept drawings from all countries and our project implementation team is working round the clock to produce the desired output. Here are the steps to do it on your project:

Step 1. Send your project drawings to us. (

Step 2. You will receive a quote and terms & conditions.

Step 3. Approve snapshots of 3D model made by us from the supplied drawings.

Step 4. Receive the output before the agreed time of final delivery.

For more information, contact: Mr.Mohammed Saleem(Mob: +971 55 9788596)

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