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What is Milestone Simulator?

Milestone Simulator is a software to visualise multi-storeyed building projects during the planning stage, simply from its elevation picture.
The unique feature of Milestone Simulator is it does not require detailed schedule of activities. Instead; it uses only milestone dates.

When should you use?


Milestone simulator is not suitable to monitor project progress during execution. The purpose of Milestone Simulator software is to simulate the project planning stages to have better understanding of the project with its milestone dates.

Who should use?

Anyone can use this software by learning the steps how to use milestone simulator. Ideally planning engineer, CAD engineer or project engineer or project manager.
1. Interactive visual simulator
With the help of a slide bar you can easily visualize the planned schedule on your computer screen. This can be used to present your project to others in a most efficient manner.
2. Sequential image production
This method allows you to save monthly, weekly or daily planned progress images in a folder. You can use these images in your project presentations or reports to add value of your schedule of execution.

Make your project presentation more effective with monthly or weekly progress images


Project requirements -Project elevation picture(JPG file)
-Milestone dates(Eg: planned start and finish dates of structure, block work, MEP, finishes, etc.,)
System requirements: Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP or higher (recommended)

Simulate a sample project

Do your project now

You can easily experience the benefit of Milestone Simulator by simulating a sample project done by us.
Simulate Now.
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Sample of a real project implementation

This simulation is showing the power of Milestone Simulator to show 3D progressing views from a 3D view of the project (JPG file).

Milestone Simulator